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Main Characters

List of main characters in The Creator's Descendants Novel

Althea Haeres

The Descendant

Imprisoned since her childhood, Althea discovers the meaning of freedom and boards on a journey to uncover her origins and the mysteries behind her overwhelming power.

Dominic Knight

The Warrior

Trying to overcome the sins of his past, Dominic Knight deserts from his position in the government army, seeking for the Heiress that will bring peace to the continent of Eberon. 

Joseph Greystone

The Diviner

Using his unique ability as a diviner, Joseph acts as a guide who seeks to unite the rebels and the Heiress in the upcoming battle to free the world.

Christopher Abel

Rebels Commandant

Known as the right arm of the leader of the Revolutionary army, Abel has an enigmatic and difficult character,  being seen as an enemy by Dominic, though he becomes an important asset for the crew.