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The Creator's Descendants

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The continent of Eberon was blessed by the deities in a faraway past, where humans were born, and the first civilizations were built. Though the so-called Creators had long left that world, traces of their magic remained, and two powerful Descendants lived among the deities’ creation.
A conflict between the Descendants – half-human, half- gods - traced back the beginning of history until the present times. In each generation, two males were born, always as enemies and fighting till death. One of them wanted power, creating a World Government to rule over humans. The other sought balance and freedom for the people, leading armies of rebels against the authorities. Darkness cursed the continent of Eberon and the islands surrounding it. 
Until hope finally arose...
Imprisoned since her childhood, the 15 years old ALTHEA discovers the meaning of freedom when 17 years old DOMINIC and 20 years old JOSEPH enter her path, leading her to a journey where ALTHEA will uncover her origins and understand the mysteries behind her overwhelming power. The young girl soon discovers that she is a break of a cycle that lasted thousands of years and that her god-like abilities are the hope of a new world.
During her journey, Althea undergoes hardship and adverse conditions. In such a harsh environment, she must search for inner strength to overcome a lengthy series of trials against powerful government forces and destructive enemies. Her first mission is to unite the people against their rulers, while adjusting herself to freedom gradually amid revealing dreams and the buoyancy of comrades
Legends, prophecy, a vast power struggle, and supernatural elements provide a unique otherworldly setting. Althea wrestles to triumph within the inherent strife around her, gaining a sense of her own potential. 
As the stakes increase, we watch Althea grow, acquire new abilities, and fulfill her role with the help of resourceful supporters through training and enemy encounters. She then, struggles to accomplish her first mission before facing the real enemy, ORION, the Creator’s Descendant.



Wearing the pseudonym of Allici Edragal, the writer started the Epic Fantasy project "The Creator's Descendants" as a web novel, which is now published on Ebook and paperback format

Though the author published in the past materials in her native language, The Creator's Descendants is the first series wrote primarily in English, creating the challenge of exploring new writing techniques in a different language.

She was born in Rio de Janeiro, and is currently based in Poland.
When not writing, she can be found with her pets, playing piano and violin, or reading a book!

You can chat with Allici on Instagram at @allici_edragal or in our "Contact" section.